More interaction . . .

eid2-02In the past few months, we have had data hubs from the IEA’s Sustainable Building Centre and the BPIE.  They are both excellent, and constantly evolving, which is good.

On February 8th, EiD had a post that included reports coming from ENTRANZE, a project funded by Intelligent Energy Europe to support policy making to encourage the rapid deployment of nearly zero energy buildings in Europe.

Now, the ENTRANZE project consortium has just launched its user-friendly online data mapping tool which provides in-depth analysis of the structure and dynamics of buildings and related energy systems in EU-27 (+ Croatia and Serbia).  At its core, it’s a statistical tool designed for policy makers and experts in need of hard data for evidence based policy making.  This interface enables users to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the building stock according to thermal quality, use, size, age, type, ownership structure, heating and cooling systems in place and related energy demand by end-use.

The data tool is available on its website.

All these efforts certainly show how important the policies and programmes to promote energy efficiency in buildings are.

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