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In the past few months, we have had data hubs from the IEA’s Sustainable Building Centre and the BPIE.  They are both excellent, and constantly evolving, which is good. On February 8th, EiD had a post that included reports coming from ENTRANZE, a project funded by Intelligent Energy Europe to support policy making to encourage … Continue reading

Reviewing feed-in tariffs

Paul Gipe has an excellent website where he provides a regular review of the latest happenings in feed-in tariffs, among other topics.  Here is the latest from Paul.   Tables of Feed-in Tariffs Worldwide These tables summarize tariffs for different technologies in different countries, and various states and provinces. The tables may also provide an … Continue reading

Focus on BPIE

The Building Performance Institute Europe is almost three years old and has been churning out valuable material to help Europe improve the energy performance of its building stock. Frequently EiD has highlighted its publications and activities. There are a couple of important updates that EiD readers will be interested in.   ENTRANZE First, BPIE is … Continue reading

Ontario shows the way forward in decreasing electricity demand

Ian MacLeod of the Ottawa Citizen writes about Ontario being the only place in North America where electricity demand is decreasing, in large part because of energy conservation.  Ontario’s decelerating appetite for electrical power leaves it as the only electricity-generating jurisdiction in North America to forecast negative growth in winter demand and flat growth in … Continue reading

Taking a test drive

Taking a test drive

The BPIE buildings data hub was launched this week.  Having had a small role to play in the data gathering, I was interested to see the results and so spent some time checking it out.  The portal lived up to expectations. Users can access country profiles, search specific parameters, generate overviews and graphs as well … Continue reading