Focus on BPIE

eid2o-02The Building Performance Institute Europe is almost three years old and has been churning out valuable material to help Europe improve the energy performance of its building stock. Frequently EiD has highlighted its publications and activities.

There are a couple of important updates that EiD readers will be interested in.



First, BPIE is involved in the ENTRANZE project (Policies to ENforce the TRansition to  Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in the EU-27) ( funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. The first reports are now out. (

EiD readers will be particularly interested in the publication that BPIE was lead author:  Overview of the EU-27 building policies and programs (


Data Hub news

The BPIE launched its data portal in November 2012.  Now its data hub for buildings energy performance in Europe is providing all data in raw/CSV format. This should be of value to researchers.

The comprehensive open data portal presents facts and figures collected in the context of BPIE’s ‘Europe’s Buildings under the Microscope’ study released end of 2011. It includes a wide variety of technical data never before collected EU-wide.

The raw data export now covers:

  • 29 European countries
  • 10 building types
  • up to 18 climatic zones per country
  • a total building stock floor area nearly equivalent to the size of Belgium

The Open Data Portal provides data and statistics on:

  • building stock performance (energy consumption, envelope performance, energy sources)
  • building stock inventories reflecting floor area, construction year, ownership  profile
  • national policies and regulation
  • financial schemes (333 in total)

In addition, the user can access and create country factsheets containing and definitions.

The BPIE data hub has the ambition to become an in-depth source for anyone interested in the energy consumption patterns and performance levels of European buildings. The data will be improved on an on-going basis and over time, the hub will get enriched with additional topics and information generated through data exchange projects and research partnerships. BPIE is inviting other relevant organisations to contribute their data and to join BPIE in increasing transparency about the energy performance of the European building stock.

Have a look at the design of the data hub here.


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