Taking a test drive

The BPIE buildings data hub was launched this week.  Having had a small role to play in the data gathering, I was interested to see the results and so spent some time checking it out.  The portal lived up to expectations.

Users can access country profiles, search specific parameters, generate overviews and graphs as well as screen the underlying data.  All of this is done at great ease.  The country profiles are very well done and very important to have.  Having technical data together with policy information in one data hub is very valuable.

The graphs are well done.  For example, the following is the graph for envelope performance for residential buildings in Denmark.

The data are from the comprehensive survey that BPIE did in 2011.  Undoubtedly, it is the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken for the buildings sector in Europe and BPIE is to be congratulated for that.  The challenge is now to keep the material updated.  There is to be another survey hopefully next year.

As buildings policy in Europe becomes more important to achieve our 2020 and 2050 objectives, we all hope that survey takes place as soon as possible.

Importantly, congratulations to the entire BPIE team for a job well done.

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