Energy advice update

Consumers should be at the centre of EU energy in buildings policy. Active and engaged consumers are essential for Europe to achieve its ambition to move to a low carbon, secure and competitive economy. The EU policy package to date barely provides for consumer support for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, in the form of energy advisory services. There is an opportunity to refocus the policy package to put the Consumer First through this review of the two main framework directives to promote energy savings and renewable energy in buildings (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive [EPBD] and Energy Efficiency Directive [EED]).

The Energy Advice Exchange has produced a discussion paper and briefing which highlights the importance of providing energy advisory services and raises some of the key issues in delivery.

The EAE has now published a second briefing that reviews the role that energy information and advisory services play in the national renovation strategies drawn up by European Member States. As part of their obligations under the Energy Efficiency Directive Member States are required to draw up national building renovation strategies that set out how they plan to foster investment into the renovation of the building stock. The strategies contain mention of 8 schemes that appear particularly promising (taking into account the limitations of the information provided) in their suitability to provide the level of bespoke advice necessary to support consumers to undertake a staged, deep energy renovation (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden).

This week an EAE member, Louise Sunderland, had a column published on the eceee website discussing what the Commission’s “winter package” does for building renovation.

For the discussion paper and briefings, go to the EAE webpage.



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