Idling your engine does more harm than good

Comparethemarket prepared a useful guide on ensuring you lower the impact on the environment when you use your vehicle. While there are some details specific to the UK, this should be useful wherever you are. Let us know what you think.

Engine idling: the impact on the environment and laws you may not be aware of

While most of us take idling our vehicles for granted, our choice to do so has consequences both for ourselves and the environment. That’s why we wanted to share this guide called “Engine Idling: The Impact on the Environment & Laws You May Not Be Aware Of.”

We cover the information drivers could benefit from:

  • The legal sanctions for engine idling
  • The environmental impacts of idling
  • How to avoid engine idling

It offers researched insights such as:

  • The transport sector accounts for 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.
  • Long-term exposure to manmade air pollution contributes to 28,000-36,000 deaths yearly.
  • Laws such as the Environment Bill of 2021 sets targets for reducing emissions and sets out fines for idling from 20 to 40 GBP.

To explore more about the guide, you can view this External link.

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