New white paper for an ‘energy responsible’ cannabis market

The cannabis industry isn’t world-wide but it is growing. Javier Hasse discusses a white paper linking energy efficiency with the cannabis market in an article on the yahoo!finance website.


Cannabis And Energy Efficiency: New White Paper Features Key Recommendations

New York’s Castetter Cannabis Group, a cannabis expert policy consultancy, released an industry white paper proposing steps lawmakers and advocates can take to get ahead of the industry’s environmental footprint.

The in-depth analysis, “Efficiently Grown: Key Recommendations for an Energy Responsible Cannabis Market,” suggests best practices and industry standards on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Though the white paper is specifically targeted to New York State, the key findings can be applied throughout the country. Specifically, Castetter Cannabis Group recommends:

  • The development of a “seal” that would signify a company’s cannabis meets certain efficiency and environmental standards,
  • Collection and analysis of usage data from cultivation licensees that can then be published in reports to best inform policymakers,
  • Tax credits established for companies meeting certain energy efficiency/usage thresholds in collaboration with utility companies.

“As many states are legalizing recreational cannabis, New York has the ability to serve as a blueprint for others as they look to sustainably launch cannabis programs off the ground,” Kate Hruby, Castetter Cannabis Group’s lead policy analyst and co-author of the paper, told Benzinga. “Rather than introducing efficiency limits and technology mandates prior to the start, we are advocating for a performance-based approach centered on incentives and data analysis to better support ongoing innovation and growth in the industry.”

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