Eurovision – how energy efficiency became a showstopper

This week Europe is enjoying three evenings of the Eurovision Song Contest, two semi-finals and the final on Saturday evening. This has been a wonderful way of bringing Europeans together to watch some great entertaining acts. Watching this week’s first semi-final, it was obvious how great the lighting was. The Eurovision Song Contest website lists German based Osram as a partner and they have now been doing it for several years.  Alas, not last year when the show was cancelled because of Covid-19.

Last night, while the acts were really good quality, the lighting was just stunning. It turns out that Osram uses its Bergamo-based subsidiary, Claypaky, developer of professional lighting systems for the entertainment sector and for architectural applications. You can impress your friends by noting that Claypaky itself will be represented by an outstanding complement of 481 Xtylos, innovative luminaires equipped with a tailor-made laser source and boasting super-concentrated beams of coloured light. Furthermore, the Xtylos meet Ecodesign requirements.

As you watch the Eurovision Song Contest, think of those 481 Xtylos and the creativeness that provides a wonderful show.  Enjoy the show and may the best act win!


2 thoughts on “Eurovision – how energy efficiency became a showstopper

    1. Thanks Carsten, Yes I had heard about Tesla’s decision. Very interesting indeed.

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