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“The news on climate change with related challenges and consequences seems to explode at present, as there are many things that require special attention: greenhouse gas emissions, micro plastics, extinction of species and many more.” With this sentence, Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten started her contribution to the Energy in Demand blog in October 2019, in which she shared that she is doing a 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge. As special attention is needed more than ever, she has continued her sustainability work after completing this Challenge. Today, she also supports other sustainability projects by writing about them on her blog and social media. So, when you have an exciting sustainability project, make sure you continue reading through to the end of this article.

365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge

In August 2019, Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten started her 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge, aiming at making her own daily life more environmentally friendly. She shared the changes she made on her blog and social media, to inspire others to live more sustainably too. She not only shared ideas on easy actions we can take each day, but also her experiences. These are often related to the psychology behind sustainable living and its related mindset. She realized that with the right mindset, sustainable living becomes so much easier. And as many people from all around the world like her approach, thousands of them started following her, especially on Twitter. Even though she finished in August 2020, she has continued her work, now counting more than 470 ideas.

Doing more

With such a huge community (> 42.000 at the end of her Challenge; today > 55.000), it became a struggle to do all this work next to her full-time job. As she wanted to do more, but couldn’t, she decided to follow her heart and make herself self-employed and dedicate herself full-time to sustainability. This currently allows her to offer additional services, such as online courses, a Sustainability Masterclass, and she brought together her ideas in an (e-)book.


Tell her about your project

Apart from her motto “a better world starts with yourself”, she strongly believes that “together we can achieve more”. As she realized how many other exciting projects are making important contributions toward a healthier planet, she is eager to write about these projects on her blog and social media, so that many people learn about these projects. Do you also have an exciting project which you would like to know the world about? If yes, then she’d love to hear from you. Here you can find out how it works and how to reach her.

Don’t miss this opportunity and I’m looking forward to read about your project on Twitter, etc. soon!

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