Creating awareness on energy efficiency among students in India

It is encouraging to see that the Indian government is developing new initiatives to improve awareness of the benefits of improved energy efficiency.  Vijayawada News provides a news item on the Times of India website about the creation of energy clubs at schools. Are there similar initiatives in your country?


Energy clubs at schools to foster power conservation

The government will promote ‘energy clubs’ in schools and colleges to create awareness on energy efficiency among students.

In a review meet with officials of the energy department, state chief secretary Neelam Sawhney said the government is keen to implement energy efficient technologies at all levels in order to make the cost of power more affordable.

As part of National Energy Conservation Week (NECW)- 2019 that will be observed from December 14 to 20, the state government will conduct a drive to implement best practices in energy conservation, said the chief secretary. She directed officials to lead the change and set an example for others by adopting energy-efficient methods. The chief secretary, who is also chairperson of APSECM, directed officials to expedite the implementation of energy efficiency methods in all government buildings to help the state economy and protect its environment.

Officials of the energy department said they have received grants from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for NECW and funds have been disbursed to all districts to conduct various programmes to promote energy conservation.

Meanwhile, the rural water supply department has taken up a project to replace old pump sets with energy-efficient ones in Kurnool, Kadapa and Prakasam districts, with the help of BEE. An energy audit is also underway in other districts to assess the potential of energy savings by replacing conventional pump sets.

A study carried out by the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) shows that the state government can potentially save around 707 million units of power every year by installing energy-efficient equipment in all government buildings, including schools and colleges. In monetary terms, this would amount to an annual savings of Rs 425 crore.

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