Auction of guitars provides major donation to ClientEarth

It is wonderful to read that Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour auctioned his guitars and donated the earnings to ClientEarth, an association so many of us have dealt with over the years. “The global climate crisis is the greatest challenge that humanity will ever face,” the Pink Floyd frontman said.  Ben Kesslen explains in an article on the NBC News website.

On the ClientEarth website, James Thornton, ClientEarth CEO said: “ClientEarth is working across the world, using the law to fight climate change and protect nature, and this gift will do an enormous amount to support our efforts to ensure a sustainable and hospitable planet for future generations”


Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour auctions guitars for $21 million to fight climate change

Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour sold his guitars for $21 million at auction on Thursday to raise money for a nonprofit fighting climate change.

Gilmour, the guitarist, singer, and songwriter of the legendary English rock band, offered the largest and most comprehensive sale of guitars ever offered at auction, according to Christie’s, which sold the instruments.

On Wednesday, Gilmour announced all proceeds would go to ClientEarth, a “charity that uses the power of the law to protect the planet and the people who live on it,” according to its website.

On Twitter, Gilmour said he chose ClientEarth because “the global climate crisis is the greatest challenge that humanity will ever face, and we are within a few years of the effects of global warming being irreversible.”

Gilmour sold a total of 126 items, including the iconic “black strat” guitar, which for nearly $4 million, far exceeding its pre-sale estimate of $150,000. Gilmour purchased the “black strat” in New York in 1970, and it was used to record “Dark Side of the Moon,” according to Caitlin Graham, a Christie’s consultant.

ClientEarth CEO James Thornton expressed his gratitude for Gilmour’s donation in a statement: “This is a truly humbling and extraordinary gift, which goes beyond our wildest expectations. It’s difficult to express just how deeply grateful we are to David for choosing ClientEarth as the beneficiary of this historic auction.”

“We need a civilised world that goes on for all our grandchildren and beyond in which these guitars can be played and songs can be sung,” Gilmour said on Twitter.

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