Ukraine needs to increase priority for energy efficiency

An article by magictr on The Koz Times website explains many of the concerns about increasing energy efficiency in Ukraine.


Energy efficiency in Ukraine: why are we “behind” and what are the prospects

The issue of energy efficiency and energy saving in Ukraine is first and foremost the question of energy independence and security of the state. Energy efficiency is a field of knowledge at the interface of engineering, Economics, law and sociology. Accordingly, this means rational use of energy resources, the achievement of economically feasible efficiency in the use of available fuel and energy resources when a valid level of development of engineering and technology and compliance to the environment.

The concept of “energy efficiency” means achieving a certain result, for example, heating a house using less energy than is required normally. Who effectively uses energy that prevents abuse of resources and protects the environment.

In 2017 in the Global ranking of energy efficiency (Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report), our country took the 73 place. This is stated in the report on the website of the world economic forum.

Global energy efficiency rating

Rating data reflect that the ratio of expenditure on energy imports and of GDP, Ukraine is located at 122 place among 127 countries. Cost of energy per unit of GDP — 119 place among 127 countries. Thus in the overall ranking, Ukraine occupies 73rd place.

Ukraine has significant dependence on energy imports and low productivity of energy use.

Note that the United States ranks 52nd place, when the ratio of energy cost of energy imports in GDP — 63-m, the energy consumption per unit of GDP — 86-M. the first five leaders took Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France. And the first place by the ratio of energy consumption to GDP in 2017 was recorded in Argentina. This country has large deposits of natural gas. At the same time, Germany is in the ranking of the 19-th place, Russia — 48.

It should be emphasized that on November 12 in Kiev with a visit by U.S. Secretary of energy Rick Perry. He expressed the clear position of the US President Donald trump. We are talking about the United States position regarding the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

“Our position is very clear: the United States clearly Express their disagreement on the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream” for obvious reasons: the citizens of Ukraine and citizens of Europe should not become hostage to energy supplies from a single source,” said U.S. energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Note that the reduction of energy intensity of the Ukrainian economy requires significant investment. The government estimates the volume of investments in the energy infrastructure of 30 billion Euro by 2030.

We will remind, the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and utilities of Ukraine’s development creates and coordinates state policy in the sphere of effective use of fuel and energy resources energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and alternative fuels, and practical implementation is for local authorities. In the context of decentralization it is the local authorities should play a major effective role in the development of energy efficiency and conservation at the local level.

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