Events past and future

This week there are a couple of upcoming events that you should note. EiD would also like to hear from you about past events. For example the International Energy Policy and Programme Evaluation Conference was recently held in Vienna. It would be good to have the reflections on the conference from some attendees. The same is true for the June Central and Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency Forum (C4E Forum) held in Poland. The eceee recently held its Industry Efficiency 2018 and I provided my initial views on the eceee website. We would like to hear from you about other conferences.

Now we would like to hear from you.

Meanwhile there are two upcoming events that should be of interest to you.


• 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency

Behave 2018 will be held from 5th to 7th September 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference aims to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners   to discuss problems and measures in the field of behaviours related to end-use energy efficiency and sufficiency and the adoption of low-carbon technologies. As such, it will focus on various fields of research, innovation and knowledge transfer. It is organised by the Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

More information is available here.


• National Energy Efficiency Conference 2018 in Sydney, Australia

The National Energy Efficiency Conference is Australia’s premier annual event for the energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management sector. Taking place in Sydney from Monday 19 – Tuesday 20 November 2018, it will bring together over 350 energy users, policy makers and energy efficiency providers with leading domestic and international experts to analyse, debate and explore new opportunities to save energy in Australian homes and businesses.

This year’s Conference will have a truly global perspective. The EEC is proud to announce that the event will once again be delivered in collaboration with the International Energy Agency’s Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (EBC).

As one of the IEA’s international technology collaboration programmes, the EBC carries out research and development focusing on the integration of energy efficient and sustainable technologies into healthy buildings and communities.

The Conference website can be found here.



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