Important upcoming event on industry and the energy transition

We have to do everything possible to achieve our Paris climate agreement objectives and to further the low-carbon energy transition. Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) and the European Copper Institute are organising an event on April 26th in Brussels to discuss the role electrification can play in the transition.

Industry has many options at its disposal to reduce carbon emissions, yet it remains to be one of the more challenging sectors to decarbonise its energy supply. This relates to the volume of energy use, the high proportion of energy cost related to value-added and the maturity of the sector leaving a very low margin for error.

Taking a long-term perspective and keeping an end-goal of deep decarbonisation in mind, industry needs to make strategic choices on the decarbonisation pathways that it will consider for future investment.

To a large extent, industry already pursues the current practices of energy management, energy efficiency, recycling, residual heat recovery and the use of bioenergy. In addition, industry needs to determine for example whether it is more opportune to electrify its processes in combination with providing demand response services in a decarbonising electricity system, to adopt corporate green sourcing policies to decarbonise its energy supply or to remain with combustion technology using bioenergy, hydrogen or synthetic fuels as alternative energy carriers.

The workshop will review and discuss these pathways, in order to help EU industry define its long-term investment plans and identify the policy asks to mitigate the risks involved.

The agenda is available here. You can register on the Leonardo Energy website.

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