This week’s briefs

This week there are some items that should be of interest to you. First, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) provides an explanatory note on why the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, that is currently under revision, must focus on energy needs. Second, there is a good article on how to minimise flood damage in your home. Third, there is a good article on two similar buildings in Minnesota that were treated differently during renovation.


• New eceee explanatory note explains why EPBD must focus on energy needs

eceee believes that energy efficiency first means that energy needs should be reduced as far as possible in order to avoid wasting energy from any source, including precious renewables. This principle is necessary to secure long-term sustainable building, avoid disappointment by users of nZEB and to save energy, resources, land impact and money. eceee recently published an updated technical note on the EPBD Annex I, where these issues are defined.

The revised explanatory note on EPBD Annex I is available here. 


• How to minimise flood damage in your home

When flood strikes, it can wreak havoc. It is necessary to be better prepared. For example, in December 2015, it was estimated that around 16,000 homes were flooded in the UK. Paul Smith explains how you can make your home more flood-resilient. Go to his recent post.


• Look-alike apartment buildings in northeast Minneapolis showcase new ideas in energy efficiency

An apartment project in Minneapolis features two look-alike buildings: One built with an emphasis on going green, another more traditional. Check it out here.




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