Important upcoming events

EU Sustainable Energy Week will soon be upon us. EiD encourages you to check out all the events that will be occurring between June 19th and 25th.

Last week we featured the event on June 20th of the Energy Advice Exchange that EiD belongs to. More information is available below. The other event we would like to feature is the seminar that explores Nordic approaches to managing the interaction between energy efficiency and market design.


• Think local first: a building policy to deliver on EU renovation challenge – Roundtable discussion June 20th

The Energy Advice Exchange is pleased to be co-organising an event in Brussels on June 20th.

We hope you can join us at 9.30 on June 20th. The roundtable is an official Energy Days event during EU Sustainable Energy Week. You can register here.

Consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services are the three leading forces, whose combined actions will enable Europe to deliver on its 2050 renovation challenge. Their manifold collaboration on the ground, in cooperation with other private and public stakeholders, is key to unlock widespread demand for renovation, ensure a just transition through affordable renovation schemes and increase the quality of life of European citizens.

The Commission’s Clean Energy for all Europeans package has vowed to deliver a fair deal for European consumers, make the EU number one in renewables and put energy efficiency first. The buildings sector will have a crucial role to deliver on these targets. In order to reach the ambitious goal of decarbonising the building stock by 2050, the way building renovation is undertaken in the EU will have to be transformed substantially.

The revision of the EU building policy framework in the context of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package provides an essential opportunity to empower consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services in putting Europe on track of its long-term renovation goal.

This Policy Roundtable, organised by the Horizon 2020 PUBLENEF project and the Energy Advice Exchange will address the questions of 1) how EU and national policy can support the provision of integrated energy renovation and advisory services to consumers and 2) what the role of local authorities and local energy advisory services is in attracting private sector finance and investment for building renovations.

The roundtable will bring together consumer organisations, local authorities and building policy experts to discuss these questions and the audience will be encouraged to join the debate.


• Seminar: ‘Energy efficiency policies and strategies of the Nordics’

Join a one-day seminar in Brussels in June to explore Nordic approaches to managing the interaction between energy efficiency and market design.

On 22 June 2017, the Nordic Council of Ministers is holding a seminar ‘Energy efficiency policies and strategies of the Nordics’ in Brussels. This is a side event to EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), which takes place from 19 to 23 June 2017.

The seminar will explore diverse Nordic approaches to managing the interaction between energy efficiency and market design, a central theme in the European Commission’s November 2016 package of proposals, ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’. Consumer empowerment, market design, smart solutions, and digitalisation are among the topics to be addressed at the seminar. Speakers will represent DG ENERGY, governments, industry, consumer organisations and energy agencies.

Norway House in Brussels will host the seminar as part of Norway’s 2017 chairmanship of the Nordic cooperation. This is a series of initiatives for political, financial and cultural cooperation between the Nordic countries to promote their interests and values in the world.

The seminar is moderated by Johan Vetlesen, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway who is also Chairman of the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Energy Policy and a friend of EiD.

Register by 10 June by email to, stating your name, position, contact information and represented organisation. For further information to here.


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