Upcoming events

There are a couple of special events coming up soon that you should definitely consider attending.


• Upcoming International Energy Efficiency Finance Forum, Vienna, April 25, 2017

The Finance Forum is an interactive event that aims to develop a community of financiers dedicated to making energy efficiency the new normal across the globe. The workshop will provide a forum where investors and contractors can learn from each other in order to foster future cooperation and investment. The discussions will concentrate on bridging the gap between viable project development, customer uptake and requirements for successful finance. The agenda will allow ample opportunity for interactive exchange between project owners and investors with a focus on deal volume, credit viability and problem solving. Group discussion on topics such as:

  • Project optimization opportunities worldwide
  • Project valuation elements
  • Project standardization processes
  • Insurance, bonding, warranty criteria
  • Performance based building standards – Passivhaus International Conference
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to test the SEAF IT Platform and brainstorm on its development during breakout sessions.
  • The day will conclude with an inspiring presentation from a representative of a multi-lateral policymaking organization or governmental policymaker

Plenary Speaker:

Dr. Angela Köppl, from the Austrian Institute of Economic Research, WIFO

Why come?

  • Assess the main challenges for global project uptake in the energy efficiency sector with lessons learned from Europe
  • Discover the latest tools that are bridging the finance gap between ESCOs and financiers
  • Kick off to Passivhaus International Conference week
  • Contribute to the global dialogue on actions to increase energy efficiency financing worldwide
  • Learn how performance standards support lender confidence and borrower security
  • Keep up on the latest opportunities for project finance
  • Network with the local to global players and investors to discuss and arrange for project deal-making

The event is meant to be interactive and participants: both investors and contractors/developers) are welcome to present.

Information about the event is available here.


• Will you shape the energy efficiency policies of tomorrow?

From May 29th to the 3rd of June, the eceee will be hosting the 2017 Summer Study.

Register before April 20th to avoid a late registration fee.

The 2015 Paris climate change agreement has set a long-term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and the aim to limit the increase to 1.5°C. Energy efficiency is a key mitigation instrument. But efficiency alone will not be sufficient to reach this goal. We also need to look beyond efficiency improvements towards how we can reduce absolute energy demand?

Beyond lowering energy intensity, increasing productivity and optimising resource use, what are the critical elements and foundations of a sustainable society that addresses sufficiency and limits? This year’s Summer Study theme – Consumption, efficiency & limits – explores these themes.

Held for the first time in 1993, the Summer Study now gathers 450 energy efficiency professionals for five full days. The setting is informal and the vision is shared: to explore and expand the evidence and intricacies of energy efficiency to increase our understanding and knowledge base.

There are nine panels with over 200 peer-reviewed papers, 50 informal sessions, solutions workshops, evening plenaries and much more.

The Summer Study will be held at the Club Belambra at Presqu’île de Giens in the south of France. For more information, go to the eceee website.

Energy in Demand will definitely be there.  Come and join us.

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