Winter heating is an important focus in China’s latest five-year plan for renewable energy

Increasingly we are hearing about the initiatives in China to promote sustainable energy. When we read about their air pollution problems and their use of fossil fuels for electricity generation, we welcome the efforts made to support sustainable energy. provides a good article about the plans to increasingly use renewable energy for its winter heating in north China.


China Ramps up Winter Heating Development with Renewable Energy

China’s newly released 13th five-year plan for renewable energy development calls for promoting the use of geothermal energy, wind power and solar energy for winter heating in north China.

Amid increasing days of nasty smoggy weather blighting most of the northern part of the country, multiple cities across different provinces have started adopting renewable energy for their central heating systems.

Some communities are turning to soil and geothermal water from hundreds of feet to over a mile underground to pump up into heating systems instead of exploiting coal or natural gas.

Elsewhere, energy authorities are turning to wind turbines that have been abandoned due to under-capacity of the local electricity grid, unstable power generation infrastructure and various other factors.

Meanwhile, Beijing and some regions in north China’s Hebei Province resort to solar energy for the central heating systems.

Currently, the heating systems using renewable energy cover some 700 million square meters across China, which is expected to stretch to 3.5 billion square meters by 2020.

It means that there will be a reduction in 120 million tons of coal used for heating, while the area heated by renewable energy in urban and rural China will be expanded from six to 20 percent.

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