Twitter community in Europe prepares to play important role in the energy transition

A new Twitter community has been created to follow the developments of the energy transition in Europe. The group that includes EiD has 73 members and certainly encouraging more to join.


Tw4SE: Supporting the Energy Transition via Twitter

The Brussels-based Tw4SE Twitter community has been created to support members’ activities in topics relating to sustainability, decarbonisation and renewables

Tw4SE (Twitter for Sustainable Energy) is a community of Twitter users that is committed to the EU energy transition (decarbonisation, efficiency first, near 100% renewables).

The community was established after a foundation workshop on July 18, 2016. Community membership is free of charge and open to individuals and organisations based on three simple criteria. A potential new member must be nominated by a current member (consult the #Tw4SE list if you are interested in finding a member you might know). A member needs to be working on the EU energy transition in some way and committed to decarbonisation. And he or she needs to be a regular Twitter user, with a good Twitter profile, including a completed bio, a good follower/tweet ratio and evidence of following back and retweeting.

Tw4SE members are encouraged to mutually follow all members from the list and be ready to nominate other members if requested. They should be open to using the #Tw4SE hashtag for high-level messaging and community matters (once to a few times per week), and willing to participate in community activities, events and projects.

Currently the group lists 73 members. Approximately one quarter of members are based in Belgium, with the majority in Europe, but the group has a global reach. Current use of the #Tw4SE hashtag is around 10 tweets per day or 0.4 tweets per hour. listing

An interesting and fun way to discover who’s working on the energy transition in Europe via Twitter is the Energy Transition Leaderboard on the website The Leaderboard lists all Tw4SE members but has wider membership. Each week, the leaderboard recognises the most inspiring social media accounts on the basis of their Klout score. Klout takes into account social media activity and engagement across a number of social networks. Only actors that have been active over the past week are shown. It’s a fun way to discover the social media influencers in the EU energy transition, so they can be followed and engaged with.

Interested in joining Tw4SE?

Joining Tw4SE is open for accounts who fullfil above criteria and who are nominated by a current member. For more information or questions on the Tw4SE community, contact @Tw4SE_, @EEIPEnMg or @LeonardoENERGY.


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