New infographic on what energy efficiency means to the Paris climate agreement

The ValueWalk website provides an interesting new infographic on the importance of energy efficiency within the Paris climate agreement. The infographic was prepared by Fuel Fighter. What do you think?


The Paris Agreement – Global Energy Efficiency [INFOGRAPHIC]

Controlling and minimizing energy use is a top priority of governments around the world. Its already apparent that the planet’s natural resources are running out. We all have a responsibility to sustain the global economy and care for the earth, we have to be more energy aware and we have to be more energy efficient. This will mean that less money will be spent energy home owners, businesses, schools and public buildings and the amount of money saved can be allocated to the improvement of things like as education, healthcare and social housing.

As well as saving money and being best for the overall economy conserving energy is of course, better for the planet and as time passes this will improve our standard of living and potentially our health. The Paris Agreement, a treaty agreed by almost 200 countries from around the world, focuses on goals and deadlines in reducing energy consumption.

This infographic offers information on these goals and targets and what they imply signify. It also takes a look at how well the countries are progressing and whether they are reaching their goals within the agreed time-frames. We’ve also provided some useful tips about how you can save energy at home and play your part in the helping to save the planet from global warming.

If you want to know what the United Kingdom is doing in fight to beat energy usage|, we’ll offer you some interesting points and facts on that too! Politics and government| programs and strategies can be complicated, but we’ve done dome jargon busting to help you understand the problems better. If you want to find out more about Global Energy Efficiency take a look at our infographic below.


One thought on “New infographic on what energy efficiency means to the Paris climate agreement

  1. It would help if this infographic’s information provided was even vaguely accurate. One of the few positive statements made about the UK is that all new homes from now onwards will be zero carbon.
    This is simply not true; the relevant commitment for England was long since abandoned. There isn’t even any official aspiration to insist that any new building in England, either residential or non-residential, will be anything like zero carbon!

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