Illustrating how to make your home more energy efficient

It is always good to be able to visualise how we can make improvements. NJP Electrical in Australia provides this interesting infographic to EiD readers. Hope you enjoy.


How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Did you know that making the switch to LEDs, or movement sensors, could save you up to 80% of the energy used per bulb, compared to a standard lightbulb? Simple tricks like this are key to optimising your energy usage when at home.

Another tip to consider is to invest in a high-capacity solar battery which is an ideal backup electricity supply solution. It allows you to go ‘off grid’ if needed, which is advantageous in a power cut.

When purchasing appliances, one of the best things to look out for is the ‘Energy Star’, this is a mark that indicates products which fall within the top 25% of the most energy efficient products on average.

For an illustrated look at how to make your home more energy efficient, see the below infographic created by NJP Electrical.


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