How promoting renewable energy is tackling fuel poverty on the Orkney Islands

Scotland is definitely providing much of the news this week. The Orcadian daily news online website provides a good article on a new funding drive that invites renewable energy generators to donate some of their FIT income to help address fuel poverty. It is an interesting approach we should all watch with great interest


Renewable energy producers help boost funds to fight fuel poverty

A new funding drive — from the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF) and fuel poverty charity THAW Orkney — could raise thousands of pounds to help folk achieve affordable warmth in their homes.

Renewables generators in the county are being invited to donate some of their Feed-in Tariff (FIT) income, which is paid for through electricity bills, to THAW’s affordable warmth project.

This would mean that money made from renewable energy in Orkney would go directly to help folk heat their homes to an adequate and affordable level.

The move has been welcomed by Robert Leslie, interim chairman of THAW Orkney.

Mr Leslie said: “Orkney is top of the fuel poverty league table in Scotland, with 63 per cent of households in fuel poverty so this FIT recycling scheme can only be a positive move, and it is great that we already have one wind turbine owner with a direct debit set up.”

He added: “Through the scheme, FIT recipients can set up a direct debit with THAW Orkney to enable us to undertake fuel poverty alleviation measures. These will always to be targeted at the fuel poor and therefore will begin to address the issues underpinning fuel poverty.

“These FIT recycling contributions will be ring fenced so that we can clearly show the benefits that they bring to folk throughout Orkney who are currently struggling to heat their homes.”

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