Energy efficiency bringing big boost to industry in Taipei

More and more we are learning about the benefits of improved energy efficiency in industry. There are some who are still not that convinced, but the message is gaining currency. With a week to go before the eceee industrial efficiency conference in Berlin, it is good to heard about the important savings in a good article in the Taipei Times. Remember EiD will be at the eceee event. Hope to see you there.


Energy efficiency measures bring big savings to industry

The nation’s manufacturing sector reduced its costs by about NT$8.55 billion (US$268.86 million) per year between 2009 and last year by adopting energy efficiency measures, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) said yesterday.

More than 2,800 factories received help from the ministry to become more energy-efficient during that period, saving a total of 533 kiloliters in oil equivalent and 1.27 billion kilowatt-hours each year, the ministry said.

Energy consumption reductions helped the firms cut costs by NT$8.55 billion a year and reduce carbon emissions by 1.64 million tonnes annually, the ministry said.

The Industrial Development Bureau provided wide-ranging assistance over seven years to more than 2,800 firms, helping them to upgrade production equipment, streamline production processes, learn how to improve their waste energy recycling and source alternative fuels, the ministry said.

The bureau came up with about 9,500 solutions during that time to help manufacturers not only cut costs by becoming more energy efficient, but also lower carbon emissions, the ministry said.

For example, a bicycle frame manufacturer reduced its electricity consumption by adopting the use of digital-power meters and a computerized monitoring system, the ministry said.

The company also replaced its production equipment with more energy efficient machinery, all of which have resulted in a savings of NT$6.5 million per year in electricity costs and a 605 tonne reduction in carbon emissions annually, on average, the ministry said.

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