Understanding sufficiency

Led by Dr. Adrian Muller, Senior Researcher at the Chair of Environmental Policy and Economics at the Institute for Environmental Decisions of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, an opinion paper attempts a new approach on what sufficiency may be, how it may be used and how rather not.

The abstract states:

Sufficiency is not a goal of environmental policy-making as is efficiency. In view of the planetary boundaries, this paper instead proposes that sufficiency should amend the notion of liberal society. The classic vision of liberal societies has been based on the core values of individual freedom, the no-harm principle and social justice together with the related virtues of courage, prudence and justice. By adding sufficiency, we introduce a fourth core value, one which is necessary for dealing with planetary boundaries. Temperance, the virtue linked to sufficiency, becomes an important part of this.

The report is available here.



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