This week’s briefs

There are some good news items this week. They concern the upcoming World Sustainable Energy Days, the Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum and the nomination of Energy Pages for an important award in Germany.


• World Sustainable Energy Days coming soon

The World Sustainable Energy Days, one of the largest annual conferences in this field in Europe, offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy. The World Sustainable Energy Days 2016 will take place from 24 – 26 February 2016 in Wels/Austria. There are six conferences on biomass, sustainable buildings and energy services. There are also three hands-on events including a tradeshow on renewable energy and energy efficiency, technical site visits and a cooperation platform.

One of the important conferences is the Young Researchers Conferences with one on energy efficiency and another on biomass. There is also a conference on nearly zero energy buildings, where EiD will be involved.

Information is available at the WSED website.


• Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum

The first Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum will take place from 22 to 25 June 2016 on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The early bird registration ends February 12th.

The aim of the forum is to create Central and Eastern Europe’s first community building event on energy efficiency in buildings. There are so many interesting efficiency projects happening in the region—it is time to share and build upon them! Those who should attend include professionals and those interested in energy efficiency in buildings from government, industry, NGOs, think-tanks, financial institutions, etc. from across CEE region.

Registration is open at the C4E Forum website.

For more information, write the organisers at

EiD will soon be providing more information on the Forum.


• EnergyPages Nominated for German Energy Efficiency Award 2016

EEIP, the biggest and fastest growing industry network for energy efficiency in industrial processes, announced this week that its B2B content marketing service EnergyPages has been nominated for the German Energy Efficiency Award “PERPETUUM 2016” which focus this year on “Next Generation Solution”. The award is advertised by The German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF).

DENEFF was searching for innovative, disruptive solutions to grow the energy efficiency market as they realized that the main potential still remains untapped despite available technical solutions as well as financing.

This matches the feedback EEIP has received from its global network. Two main barriers have been identified: 1. Information about existing solutions as well as innovations are not widely available and 2. There is no option for most SMEs to market their solutions.

This has led to the development of EnergyPages, a true “all-in-one” content marketing service crossing the SME barriers: in 15 minutes to a full year long global marketing campaign for just EUR 120/month. By using the EEIP industry network as a target group and its multi-channel communications (online, social media, print, events), EEIP’s marketing service fits at least 2 out of the three main criteria from Clayton Christensen about disruptive innovations: structural cost advantages (network based) and widely accessible innovation (available to thousands of SME globally).

About EEIP

Founded in 2011 during an European Union event (EU Sustainable Energy Week), EEIP is an open, neutral, free and easy accessible not-for-profit business network covering the entire market of industrial energy efficiency in Europe and worldwide. It counts more than 100.000 members and became the biggest and fastest growing network of its kind. EEIP contributes to a better functioning of industrial energy efficiency markets through the exchange of information and supporting the transition to a more sustainable economy. Therefore, EEIP gained high attention in policy area and was invited to working groups by the UN, the EU and the International Energy Agency IEA.

For more information about EEIP, please visit its website.

About EnergyPages

Founded in 2014 by EEIP to fund its operations, EnergyPages aim is to respond to the need of the EEIP network for relevant information (content) – and small and medium sized companies to become known and to get new customers in the globally 500 billion USD market of energy efficiency – by presenting their best practice cases, white papers etc. (content!) to a relevant target group (the EEIP network!)

For more information about EnergyPages, please visit its website.


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