Some British social landlords learning lessons from the Netherlands on energy efficiency

Inside Housing reports on a new technique borrowed from the Dutch to retrofit a house in 10 days to a ‘zero-energy’ standard. Does anyone have more information on this?


Landlords pilot Dutch energy efficiency model

A consortium of social landlords has formed a company to pilot a new construction technique that pays for itself to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

The technique, called ‘Energiesprong’, originated in the Netherlands.

Under the scheme, homes are refurbished to a pre-specified energy performance.

Landlords retrofit the properties very quickly over 10 days to a ‘zero-energy’ standard by bolting offsite-manufactured cladding to the exterior of the homes.

This means the homes are built to the amount of energy needed by tenants. If occupants use more than their allowance, because for example they have left windows open, they have to pay extra for additional units of energy.

The retrofit is paid for using savings to energy bills, and contractors provide a 30-year guarantee, ensuring a return on landlords’ investment.

Nine social landlords, a number of contractors (Mears, Wates Living Space, Willmott Dixon and Beattie Passive) and organisations including the National Housing Federation and Energy Saving Trust in June formed a company called Energiesprong UK to run pilots to test the idea.

It is hoped more might sign up in the future. Each member in the consortium has contributed £5,000 to develop prototypes under the pilot.

David Weatherall, lead policy advisor at the Energy Saving Trust, said: “The idea of… locking in contractors to delivering homes that can achieve that [zero-energy] standard – that is really radical and exciting.”

The initiative in the Netherlands, run by a network of organisations called Platform31, achieved a cost of around £28,000 per terraced house.

2 thoughts on “Some British social landlords learning lessons from the Netherlands on energy efficiency

  1. Further details on this are here:

    Energiesprong UK has been set up to investigate the viability of introducing the Dutch Energiesprong retrofit model into the UK, and is looking at:

    • Regulatory and planning constraints and how to alleviate them.
    • UK housing archetypes and their suitability to Energiesprong solutions.
    • The creation of appropriate financing conditions.
    • How to stimulate demand for net zero energy refurbishments.
    • Mobilising potential suppliers of Energiesprong solutions to invest in the concept and develop competitive solutions learning from best practice applied in other manufacturing sectors.
    • The transformation of the refurbishment market through industry-led innovation.

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