Britain’s domestic energy efficiency strategy needs more money

While another post this week detailed that the UK’s domestic energy efficiency programmes are off track, Rebecca McAdam writes on the website that the Climate Change Committee, that provides independent, evidence-based advice to the UK Government and Parliament, stresses that the government must provide more adequate and effective resources.


CCC urges increased investment in energy efficiency

Campaigners and MPs respond as climate change watchdog urges UK government to prioritise investment in domestic energy efficiency for low income households.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has today insisted policy makers must adequately resource initiatives that make homes warmer and healthier and in turn reduce carbon emissions. Within their progress report of the 4th carbon budget, the CCC illustrates that spending on domestic energy efficiency for low income households is currently less than half the required investment to meet statutory targets.

Jenny Saunders OBE, chief executive of National Energy Action said: “The CCC report highlights the UK government must realign current policies and increase investment overall in programmes that can create warmth, comfort and make fuel bills affordable for vulnerable households. Current schemes are in danger of drying up entirely over this coming year. As well as causing needless suffering, this could lead to acute financial costs to national health services unless the CCC’s recommendations are acted upon urgently”.

Ed Matthew, director of Energy Bill Revolution said: “Making energy efficiency an infrastructure priority would unlock public capital to make all homes highly energy efficient, generating high levels of economic growth. This would be the cheapest way to combat carbon emissions, slash gas imports and solve fuel poverty. No other infrastructure investment can achieve so much.”

Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on fuel poverty and energy efficiency said: “The UK is the 6th richest country in the world and yet thousands will die over the coming years because they cannot heat their homes. The economic benefits of energy efficiency are clear, yet currently not £1 of the annual UK public infrastructure budget has been spent on initiatives to make homes warmer- a move which would create decent jobs and put our economy on a more stable footing. To tackle fuel poverty and cut carbon the government must ensure that energy efficiency programmes get the investment they so urgently require.”

Labour MP, Jonathan Reynolds said: “The UK’s fuel poverty figures are shameful. We are still waiting for the UK government to set out exactly how they will source funding for energy efficiency improvements in low income homes and address some of the shortfall which needs to be met”.

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