Quote of the week

This week the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK, George Osborne, presented this year’s budget.  Here is a startling quote from his speech in the House of Commons:

We need to cut our energy costs.

We’re going to do this by investing in new sources of energy: new nuclear power, renewables, and a shale gas revolution.

We’re going to do this by promoting energy efficiency.

Interestingly, this week in the Financial Times, Nick Butler didn’t even include the sentence on energy efficiency.

Was energy efficiency an afterthought for him?  Does he really think nuclear is cheap? Can anyone help him out?  We probably need a revolution, but not the one he is suggesting . . .

4 thoughts on “Quote of the week

    1. It certainly seems that way, but let’s hope it is not beyond repair. The UK just has to look at how quickly and cheaply the French are building the nuclear plant in Finland! If that is “best practice” then the UK will never have a new nuclear plant!

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