Happy Birthday

On 15 December 2012, 16 environmental NGOs from 14 countries decided to join forces in the EKOenergy network. At the same time, they adopted the name EKOenergy.

10 weeks later, on 23 February 2013, the members of the Network approved the criteria for the first pan-European eco-label for electricity.

Both the EKOenergy network and the EKOenergy label were the result of a brainstorming and consultation process that started in the summer of 2011.

Their history available on their website.

From their website:

EKOenergy is a network of European environmental NGOs promoting the use of sustainable electricity. Currently, there are 28 members, from 21 European countries. And more will join.

Together, they want to:

  • stimulate the development of the renewable electricity sector and to promote climate friendly solutions
  • contribute to the protection of biodiversity, habitats and ecosystem services
  • inform all electricity consumers about the product they are buying and about the meaning and impact of their purchase.
  • mobilise the positive energy of 1000′s of individuals, groups and companies sharing our ambition, and to give them the opportunity to get involved.
  • foster the dialogue between and join forces with the electricity sector, the environmental NGOs and other stakeholders (e.g. consumer organizations and authorities).


EKOenergy is also an ecolabel for electricity, managed by the EKOenergy network. The purpose of the ecolabel is to assist consumers in navigating the complex European electricity market.

Not surprisingly, only electricity from renewable sources can be sold as EKOenergy. But EKOenergy is more than just renewable electricity. It also fulfills additional sustainability requirements set by the EKOenergy Network. Moreover, consumers of EKOenergy receive correct information about the origin of their electricity.

The EKOenergy label is the only electricity label which results from a pan-European consultation process, which works on the whole European market and which is recognized by stakeholders in all European countries.

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