Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP), a not-for-profit industrial energy efficiency platform based in Brussels, recently launched its new business tool, EnergyPages, the first Directory 2.0 – a community based energy efficiency marketplace.

EnergyPages is an electronic telephone book for the industrial energy efficiency community in most regions of the world.  It was designed to meet specific identified needs of that community:  finding specialists for industrial energy efficiency projects capable of delivering products and services in a certain country or locality; and expertise based search option.

EiD signed up this week.  It is very user friendly.  Obviously, the data base will expand as more companies join.  It seems as if it can only go from strength to strength.  As a new business tool, the bugs are essentially gone.

The second photo shows the options available.



EnergyPages will also be jointly marketed with TIMGlobal Media, allowing to leverage its European and global reach with a number of industry publications such as “Energy Efficiency: Business & Industry” but also others like “IEN Europe” or dedicated country publications. Marketing services are also delivered through a dedicated industrial energy efficiency event series starting in 2014.

EEIP has over 35000 within its own community and it is expected that most of them will eventually sign up.  In the first week, over 200 had signed up and EEIP expects momentum for signing up to increase significantly.  EiD readers should have a look. Go to the EnergyPages website and check it out yourself.

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