Pot pourri

There are many short postings that will be of interest to EiD readers this week.

European Investment Bank (EIB)

This summer, the EIB adopted new guidelines to reinforce support for investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy grids following a 10-month review. The EIB will focus on financing energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy networks, as well as related research and innovation. These sectors are expected to require the most significant investment in coming years.  This will be complemented with technical assistance to help develop projects in these key sectors. The new energy lending criteria includes streamlined guidelines for lending for energy efficiency projects to enhance co-financing of national energy efficiency programmes and enable increased support for near-zero energy buildings.

• World Feed-in-Tables update

Paul Gipe has updated his table of tariffs for different technologies in different countries, and various states and provinces. The tables may also provide an overview of program details. These tables are updated as information becomes available or is thought pertinent to the discussion of renewable tariffs.  His tables are available here.

• Andrew Warren

Column by Andrew Warren of the Association for the Conservation of Energy. His article concerns the first significant new policy proposal from the Government’s new Energy Efficiency Deployment Office – the launch of the new Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, which will affect every company or third sector organization employing over 250 people.  The column is available here.

• Save these dates:

Renovate Europe Day 2013 will be on October 9th in Brussels.  Information is available here.

World Sustainable Energy Days will be held in Wels, Austria on February 26-28, 2014.  There are many elements.  The European Pellet Conference will be February 26th and 27th, the European Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Conference will be February 27th and 28th and WSED Next which is a platform for presenting the work of young researchers and for interaction with experts and decision makers from industry and institutions will be on February 26th and 27th.  And there is plenty more.  Please check out WSED at its website. [http://www.wsed.at/en/world-sustainable-energy-days/] WSED has become a “not to miss” event.

eceee Industrial Summer Study June 2-5, 2014 in Arnhem, the Netherlands.  The call for papers will be issued October 1st.  Rod has agreed to be a panel leader.  For more information, go to eceee website.

• COGEN Europe

COGEN Europe let EiD know that it was pleased with the adoption this week by the European Parliament of a Microgeneration Resolution that highlights the need to unlock the potential of small scale technologies, such as micro-cogeneration. The Microgeneration Resolution, adopted in Strasbourg by an overwhelming majority, emphasises the necessity to act on making microgeneration technologies, including micro-cogeneration, an integral part of the EU energy system, while empowering consumers to produce their own electricity and heat.

• From the St. Petersburg G20 Declaration

“We welcome efforts aimed at promoting sustainable development, energy efficiency, inclusive green growth and clean energy technologies and energy security for the long term prosperity and well being of current and future generations in our countries. We will continue in cooperation with international organisations sharing national experiences and case studies regarding sustainable development, clean energy, and energy efficiency as well as development, deployment and broader application of related technologies and will take forward work, on a voluntary basis, on corresponding policy options and technologies. We take note of the new World Bank report ‘Toward a Sustainable Energy Future for All’, which aims to promote access to reliable and affordable energy in developing countries and recognise the importance of the sustainable and responsible production and use of modern bioenergy and the role played by the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) in this regard.”

Neighbourhood Watch

Check out the latest additions to EiD’s Neighbourhood Watch.

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