Smörgåsbord à la carte

eid2-02This week there are some important updates for you:

• This year’s eceee Summer Study is only a couple of weeks away – June 3 to 8.  The theme is Rethink, Renew, Restart. As the eceee states: “It is time to Rethink policies and options. It is time to Renew commitments to climate, energy security and reduced energy demand. And it is time to Restart activities that actually achieve something.” I have talked to several of the participants, read several of the papers (provided by authors not the eceee), been part of discussions to set up informal sessions and have been arranging to meet people at the bar. With this year’s summer study celebrating 20 years I’m bringing my t-shirt from 2005.  Which one are you bringing? 

•  EiD will be a co-organiser together with EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes) at EU Sustainable Energy Week.  The industrial energy efficiency event on financing is on June 27th at 9 am.  There are stellar speakers and Rod will be moderator.  Entitled “Financing Energy Efficiency: Why Bother?” has to entice you to attend. Download the programme here.
• EiD will also participate as a moderator in EEIP’s Conference on Energy Recovery in Industry, June 12th in Duisburg, Germany. The programme is available here.
• Remember about the consultation for the Green Paper on “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies”.  You have until July 2nd.  Information is available on DG Energy’s website.



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