Gearing up for the autumn

As our summer holidays come to an end and we are starting to focus on sustainable energy issues, some useful sites and news may provide some inspiration.

  • EiD has been attracted to a site created by the Joint Research Centre’s Institute for the Environment and Sustainability on Life Cycle Analysis.  It is intriguingly called Life Cycle Analysis Thinking and Assessment and it is available at  It is not a new site, but it is useful.
  • Update: For those interested in Ecodesign and products, the 2012-2014 Working Plan, which was to have been published already, is still not available. In May it was still in inter-service consultation and it had been hoped it would have been adopted before summer.  Alas, no.  EiD has now been informed that the Commission is hoping for October release.
  • For those who have been waiting for member state responses to Article 10(2) from the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, only Denmark, France, Greece, Lithuania and Romania have provided letters to the Commission, more than one year later.  Under article 10(2) of the Directive 2010/31/EU on Energy Performance of Buildings, Member States have to communicate by 30 June 2011 to the European Commission (EC) a list of existing and, if appropriate, proposed measures and instruments including those of a financial nature, which promote.  The letters are available at:
  • One way of jumping right in to energy efficiency issues, the eceee summer study on industrial energy efficiency will be held September 11-14th.  This is a good opportunity to delve into a sector that has received far too little energy efficiency policy attention of late.

Six themes form the core of the Summer Study programme:

Programmes to promote industrial energy efficiency
2. Sustainable production design and supply chain initiatives
3. Matching policies and drivers: Policies and Directives to drive industrial efficiency
4. Undertaking high impact actions: The role of technology and systems optimisation
5. The role of energy management systems, education, outreach and training
6. The role of financing to improve industrial efficiency, global perspective

  • Maybe there has been far too little attention to the industrial sector (other than for the Emissions Trading System) in Europe but Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) is doing its best to change that.  On October 24th and 25th, it is holding a major congress in Berlin.  EEIP is a neutral not-for-profit platform for business and policy in Europe (B2P™) based in Brussels.

The EEIP Congress 24-25 October in Berlin brings forth the three main elements of EEIP work: energy recovery, financing and energy management systems. With the focus on industrial waste heat and energy recovery, that has a major potential for improving energy use in manufacturing industries (in particular in several energy intensive sectors), this EEIP event looks at the main problems.

Welcome back!

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