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On May 15th, at an event on Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts: Research to Accelerate Innovation at the European Economic and Social Committee, Ms. Silvia-Adriana, MEP and former rapporteur for the recast of the buildings directive said:  “Energy efficiency is important for each household and not just for the European Union.  We need to find the right tools. ”

And congratulations to all the speakers and organisers.  It was an excellent event.

Ecodesign working plan

Anyone following the work of the Commission in product standards is waiting for the 2012-2014 working plan which is due soon.  After a consultation meeting in January, the Ecodesign Working Plan is currently under interservice consultation inside the Commission, according to officials. If things go well, it should be adopted before the summer break.  For more information on ecodesign, visit the Commission website.

G8 Declaration, May 19, 2012

This is what the Declaration of the G8 stated on energy efficiency and renewables:

12. We recognize that increasing energy efficiency and reliance on renewables and other clean energy technologies can contribute significantly to energy security and savings, while also addressing climate change and promoting sustainable economic growth and innovation. We welcome sustained, cost-effective policies to support reliable renewable energy sources and their market integration. We commit to advance appliance and equipment efficiency, including through comparable and transparent testing procedures, and to promote industrial and building efficiency through energy management systems.

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