IEA unveils new initiatives on sustainable energy policies and technologies in the buildings sector

Cutting back on the amount of energy consumed in buildings all over the world will represent a significant step forward in efforts to strengthen energy security and combat climate change, International Energy Agency Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven said as she announced new IEA initiatives on sustainable energy policies and technologies in the buildings sector.

At the workshop, which took place on 16 March in Paris and was attended by 120 experts, the IEA and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development formally agreed to strengthen their collaboration in a broad range of areas relating to sustainable energy policies and technologies.

At the workshop, the IEA’s Executive Director also launched a new website, the Sustainable Buildings Centre, and the Building Energy Efficiency Policies (BEEP) database, developed by the IEA. This will act as a global one-stop shop for buildings energy efficiency policies.

Policy makers, industry and researchers worldwide will be able to access this database and look at effective policies which are being implemented. These policies include:

  • Buildings Energy Codes, including minimum energy performance requirements that focus on achieving Zero Energy Buildings;
  • Buildings Energy Labels which increase awareness about energy consumption in the buildings sector; and
  • Incentives schemes for capacity building, technical assistance and raising awareness.

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