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What smart grids offer

What smart grids offer

Smart approaches to our energy transitions are gaining attention. Glen Martin writes on the Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy website about the need for smart grids to help the transition to alternative energy.   ‘Smart grid’ needed to shift electrical system to alternative energy Electrical grids are balky beasts, and nobody knows that better … Continue reading

Renewables in a smart world

Christine Hertzog, managing director of Smart Grid Library, recently wrote in The Energy Collective about the full range of issues that has to be explored in considering the future electricity fuel mix in the US.  As natural gas and renewables become headline policy themes, it is useful do some comparisons.   Renewable Energy and the … Continue reading

Activity on grid big data

Katie Fehrenbacher writes in the Washington Post about actions that are supporting the building of smart grids.  This article is about a partnership in Sweden that could provide some valuable experience about managing data.   European power giant E.ON partners with Ericsson on grid big data European power giant E.ON is building out a smarter … Continue reading