Not to miss: energy efficiency events coming soon

So we see that in-person networking is finally coming back and there are important energy efficiency events coming soon in Europe and Australia. This will be the first time they have been held in person since 2019. Given the importance of energy efficiency in our energy and climate strategies, it is important that they are being held.


“Agents of Change”, eceee summer study in Hyères, France

Decarbonisation requires demand reduction

We simply won’t manage the climate urgency without ambitious and effective energy efficiency policies, programmes and investments. Electrification and decarbonisation are key to the carbon-neutral energy transition, but without energy demand reduction where possible, we simply won’t make the transition to a renewables-based energy system fast enough or be able to afford it.

The eceee Summer Studies are a cornerstone in our mission to build and support the generation and sharing of evidence-based knowledge on energy efficiency and demand reduction. In 2021, the Summer Study highlighted the fact that we are indeed facing a new reality. We are now moving into a post-Covid society with massive support programmes for recovery and climate change mitigation. This year, we focus on the people and forces that are agents of change.

Industrial efficiency panel re-introduced

The 2022 Summer Study will add a panel on industrial energy efficiency after a ten year absence, but will continue to keep covering the broad range of topics from energy consumption and behaviour, over policy & evaluation, to local energy planning, transportation, buildings, and appliance and product policy.

Nine panels

Those who have been to a Summer Study before will recognise the panels, with a few changes. We offer a number of cross-sectoral panels on understanding consumption and behaviour, policy and monitoring & evaluation as well as a number of panels with a more sector-based focus. Here we offer panels on cities and local communities, transportation and mobility, buildings, products and industrial decarbonisation.

Panel 1. Dynamics of consumption: less is more?

Panel 2. Efficiency and beyond: innovative energy demand policies

Panel 3. Policy, finance and governance

Panel 4. Monitoring and evaluation for a wise, just and inclusive transition

Panel 5. A smart new start for sustainable communities

Panel 6. Energy-efficient and low-carbon mobility for all

Panel 7. Policies and programmes for better buildings

Panel 8. Innovations in products, systems and building technologies

Panel 9. Deep decarbonisation of industry


EiD is proud to be a sponsor of the summer study.

Information on the eceee summer study is available here.


National Energy Efficiency Conference 2022 in Melbourne, Australia

On 25 & 26 May 2022 the Energy Efficiency Council, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, will host the 12th National Energy Efficiency Conference.

The 2022 Conference will focus on the critical role of energy management as our energy system transitions to net zero. The Conference will bring together over 350 of Australia’s foremost energy efficiency experts, forward-thinking policy makers, innovative energy users, political leaders and industry trailblazers to network, debate and analyse the latest thinking on boosting productivity and cutting carbon emissions by saving energy.

And as the first in-person networking and collaboration opportunity for our sector since 2019, the time is right to reconnect and discuss how we can work together to put smart energy management at the heart of the transition to net zero.

More information can be found at:

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