MyEnergy2050 Podcast – check out this podcast series

The MyEnergy2050 platform highlights the people building a clean and sustainable energy system. The founder, Michael LaBelle, an associate professor at Central European University, wants to tell the story of their work on their path towards a zero-emissions energy system by 2050. Engaging content in a variety of media formats. MyEnergy2050 website was founded to change how we communicate and implement the energy transition. The purpose is to deliver an enriched experience to understand scientific research and business activities. They deliver information and understanding that motivates and informs. As Michael says, MyEnergy2050 is the energy system all of us want to see in 2050.

The central axis of the platform is the MyEnergy2050 podcast with weekly interviews, reflections, and in-depth analysis of policy reforms and business activities. By using audio, videos, and writing we deliver a range of content to highlight people changing the energy system. Social media, with a strong focus on LinkedIn, deliver a means to interact with our audience, guests, and organizations who are also delivering thought leadership.

The latest podcast is on the value of climate accounting.  Martin Wainstein is the founder for the YaleOpenLab and the Open Earth Foundation. Martin recounts his experience working for clients on energy projects and then framing his experience through research on the theories of energy transitions. Michael and Martin do a slow walk-through of the limits of current energy companies and how they lock-in our present energy system through profit motives. Martin then enables us to walk through both the basics of blockchain and the long-term potential that remote sensing and blockchain contracts hold. Here is the LinkedIn article on the podcast.

I have known Michael for more than a decade when we were working on a study for the Global Buildings Performance Network. Fortunately, I was interviewed for a podcast three months ago.

Check out his website and listen to some of the podcasts. You won’t be disappointed.

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