Electric vehicle company has launched a “moonshot” goal of launching the world’s first carbon neutral car by the end of the decade

Polestar, the electric car brand owned by Volvo wants the car to hit the market by the end of the decade as the world’s first carbon neutral car by the end of the decade. Madeleine Cuff discusses latest developments in an article on the inews website.


Polestar promises to create the world’s first carbon neutral car by 2030

Electric vehicle company Polestar has launched a “moonshot” goal of launching the world’s first climate neutral car by the end of the decade.

On Tuesday, the company vowed to deliver a carbon neutral vehicle by cutting emissions in its supply chain, rather than relying on offsets such as planting trees.

“Offsetting is a cop-out,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO.  “By pushing ourselves to create a completely climate-neutral car, we are forced to reach beyond what is possible today. We will have to question everything, innovate and look to exponential technologies as we design towards zero.”

Swedish carmaker Volvo launched Polestar in 2017 with a brief to produce high-end electric racing cars and develop cutting-edge designs for electric mobility.

This latest “moonshot” goal – dubbed Polestar 0 – challenges Polestar’s design team to find carbon neutral sources for materials including aluminum, lithium and cobalt by 2030.

Studies have shown that while electric cars produce far fewer emissions during their use, their construction is more polluting than traditional combustion cars – largely because of the energy and materials involved in battery production.

Polestar’s most recent model, Polestar 2, leaves the factory with a carbon footprint of around 26.6 tonnes, compared to around 14 tonnes for petrol Volvo XC40. It reaches ‘carbon parity’ with the fossil fuel model after 50,000 miles of driving.

“There are lots of components going into a car – all of those components need to have a climate-neutral supply chain and production,“ said Polestar’s head of sustainability Fredrika Klarén. “So it’s a really ambitious goal.”

Although traditional carbon offsets such as tree planting are “not an option”, she said Polestar would consider calling on direct air capture, relatively new technology that sucks carbon dioxide straight out of the air. But reducing emissions at source will be the first priority, she stressed.

Polestar insists the carbon neutral car will be commercially produced, although no details have been released regarding the car’s design or price point.

Ms Klarén said she hoped progress made by Polestar would be adopted by the rest of the industry, adding that Polestar will start publishing the carbon footprint and traced risk materials of all its vehicles.

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