Blog by “Skip” Laitner: Report on the Critical Role of Smart Policies and Programs to Promote Productive Investments

Following a request from our colleague Benoît Lebot and the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC),, we just finished an analytical manuscript this month on the critical role of policies to drive productive investments in global energy efficiency.

The big message? Following the infographic below, by going green (spending smart on policies, programs, and productive investments), we can significantly reduce the blue (or lower the energy costs). This can result in the big orange (net energy bill savings).


The takeaway? An efficiency-led investment strategy can save the global economy an average of €1.9 trillion annually in avoided energy costs.

What’s not said? The more productive use of energy can bolster the economy, even as it opens large opportunities for a greater investment in renewable energy systems. The two together – both energy efficiency and renewables – can induce large-scale reductions in energy-related greenhouse gas emissions as they also boost economic performance.

In short? It takes money to make money – or in this case, to save money in ways that enhance our social and economic well-being. The more detailed discussion of these key ideas is contained in our new report. Feedback is more than welcome!

The report is available here.


About the author: John “Skip” Laitner, well known to many EiD readers for his activities in sustainable energy in the United States and globally. He leads a team of consultants, the Economic and Human Dimensions Research Associates based in Tucson, Arizona.


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