Second largest roof-top solar power plant in Europe installed at Turkish flat glass factory

The Daily Sabah website reports about the installation of the second largest solar power plant in both Europe and Turkey. This is an important development for the country.


Turkish glass producer Şişecam founds Europe’s second largest roof-top solar power plant

With its installed capacity, Şişecam has set up the second largest solar power plant in both Europe and Turkey on the roof of the Mersin Flat Glass Factory. The special energy glass used in the solar panels in the power plant was produced in Şişecam’s Mersin Flat Glass Factory. Şişecam aims to increase solar energy glass production and exports, reaching 2.5 million square meters per year, according to a report by the Turkish daily Dünya.

The solar energy plant established on the roof of the Mersin Flat Glass Factory has 6.2 megawatts (MW) of power, while total investment is TL 22 million ($5.7 million). The plant is spreads over 79,300 square meters. With its installed capacity, it has become the second largest one-piece power plant on a roof in both Turkey and Europe.

The plant installed on the roof was 100 percent domestic, including the panels. Solar panels and solar glass are produced with domestic means. Engineering and assembly work were also carried out by a domestic firm. Şişecam did not just produce solar energy glass, but showed that the plant could be built with 100 percent domestic and national facilities.

With the solar power plant, the company was able to prevent 5,600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Thanks to investments made by Şişecam in the field of renewable energy, they have made a significant contribution to the goal of “Accessible and Clean Energy” in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Şişecam’s goal is to achieve 12 MW installed power in renewable energy production by 2022. They plan to invest TL 37 million in five years. In the first stage, the company prepared a solar power plant project at 87 kilowatt-hour (kWh) on the roof of the Şişecam Science and Technology Center. The project was submitted to the Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation (TEDAŞ) for approval. Upon completion of the approval process, the system will be commissioned to meet domestic consumption.

There are important projects conducted on energy efficiency and clean energy by Şişecam, which values every improvement achieved in this field. Şişecam Group’s domestic and international production facilities consume 1.6 billion kWh of electricity and 1.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

Şişecam General Manager Ahmet Kırman said the return period of the solar power plant investment in the Mersin Flat Glass Factory will be five years and seven months.

In reference to solar energy glass production, Kırman recalled that they have a history of 15 years regarding their activities in this area, noting that since 2003, Şişecam has been producing glass material, which is the top layer of solar collectors and solar panels, for the solar energy sector as low-iron, tempered frosted glass and offers solar energy systems for use by manufacturers.

He added that they export solar energy glass to Germany and abroad and that they currently export about 20 percent of their production.

Kırman said the group has 42 production plants on three continents and 13 countries and that 16 of the production plants operate domestically, while 26 plants operate abroad. They produce in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and India, underlining Şişecam Group’s position in the world and that the company is seeking new purchases abroad in new markets.

“We are the third largest producer of household glassware in the world, and the fifth largest manufacturer of glass packaging and flat glass. We are the world leader in chrome chemicals,” Kırman said. Regarding the turnover of the group, Kırman said they achieved TL 8 billion in nine months with an increase of 32 percent, stressing that they expect to close this year with over TL 10 billion in turnover. Sharing significant information on the distribution of turnover, Kırman noted that 60 percent of their turnover consists of external income, considering exports from Turkey and that they reached $754 million in exports in the first 10 months of the year.



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