Reinsurance and renewable energy

An article on the Climate Group website explains how improved energy productivity and renewable energy are having a positive impact for Swiss Re, one of the major reinsurance companies.


Good for business: how energy productivity and renewable power are saving Swiss Re millions of dollars every year

Walking the talk on renewables

In the context of Swiss Re’s strong record on climate action, going 100% renewable is an important milestone in how we “walk the talk”. It helps us to illustrate our concrete efforts for our customers, our employees, and the wider public, whose enthusiasm for our efforts has been remarkable. We started sourcing renewable power at four European locations in 2005, and expanded to 25 locations across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania by 2013. Today, I’m proud to say that 84% of the power Swiss Re consumes comes from renewable sources. RE100 continues to provide a great platform for companies to learn from each other—to exchange best practices and to cooperate on concrete RE projects.

To reach our RE100 goal, we believe that carbon emissions should be avoided directly at the source whenever possible, and to this end, we believe strongly in investing in on-site renewables. It just makes sense, both environmentally and economically.

We’re financing our own solar power production in Armonk, New York, where we’ve invested about US$7 million into our largest solar project so far—a 2MW solar power plant in operation at Swiss Re Americas’ headquarters. The plant has the capacity to generate more than 60% of the campus’ power requirements and a fifth of our total US consumption. Alongside its environmental merit, the Armonk solar project also has an attractive payback of less than seven years.

We’ve also started installing solar energy facilities on the rooftops of Swiss Re offices in Switzerland, Italy, and the UK. In Bangalore, India, we are just about to complete a 400kW installation with a payback of less than five years. With a life expectancy of over 25 years, we know that our solar power plants will not only help us generate clean, sustainable power, but will also do so in a way that will save Swiss Re millions of dollars in the coming decades.

Sharing our experiences

By 2020, we will source 100% of our power from renewable sources, while also ensuring that we use that power in the most productive way possible. We are also continually engaging with other companies to join us in the direct sourcing of green power and sharing our experiences and best practices through platforms like RE100 and EP100. On the asset management side we avoid investments in companies that generate 30% or more of their revenues from thermal coal mining. In our re-/insurance business we have decided to limit our support for activities related to thermal coal utilities and thermal coal mining.

We hope that, by 2020, even more companies will have committed to energy productivity and renewables. Why wouldn’t they? We know that our strategy benefits the bottom line, increases the resilience of our energy infrastructure and let’s our employees and customers know that we are committed to making the world a cleaner, greener place to live. Simply put, renewables and energy productivity innovation are reaching a point of normalcy that we can’t—and won’t—turn back from.

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