Tata Motors signs deal to improve efficiency of its facilities in India

It is encouraging to see the progress made in India in its energy transition. The ETAuto website from India provides a news item of a memorandum of understanding signed between Tata Motors and Energy Efficiencies Services (EESL), a joint venture of four national public sector enterprises, and increasingly well known globally.


Tata Motors signs MoU with EESL for energy saving measures

Tata Motors signs MoU with EESL for energy saving measures Mumbai: Tata Motors has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Energy Efficiencies Services (EESL) to achieve energy saving and resource conservation by implementing various energy efficiency initiatives across the company’s manufacturing facilities in India.

The energy efficiency programme will be implemented in Tata Motors’ manufacturing plants located at Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), Lucknow and Pune in the first phase, and will be later extended to other facilities.

EESL will undertake the complete upfront investment for the energy efficiency programme, with zero investment from Tata Motors. The overall implementation period for the programme will be two years.

Speaking on the initiative, Saurabh Kumar, MD, EESL, said: “Indian businesses are increasingly adopting energy efficiency measures and are significantly contributing to the efforts of the Government. This MoU is big step towards companies proactively adopting such simple yet effective measures.”

“We are proud to partner with Tata Motors and enable them to become efficient in their energy use across facilities. I am sure we will see more and more industries come forward the similar manner to be benefited by higher efficiency in their facilities and at the same time contribute to the country’s journey towards being a low carbon economy.”

Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors, said: “Tata Motors has always been at the forefront of energy conservation initiatives. By executing innovative and sustainable solutions such as re-cycling of treated effluents, hazardous waste management and rainwater harvesting, Tata Motors has optimized its operations and ensured optimum resource utilization.”

“Collaborating with EESL is a step further in this direction. By implementing energy efficient solutions, we are accelerating our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in the form of lower greenhouse gas emissions, towards a cleaner future.”


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