This week’s briefs – flood planning and industrial energy efficiency

This week, you should read about an important new guide to help in flood planning. You also have only a couple of days to submit an abstract for the eceee Industry Efficiency 2018 event to be held next June in Berlin.


• ‘The Essential Guide to Flood Planning & Preparation’

Paul Smith has written an important guide that you should find useful. It contains helpful information about flooding risks, how flood can affect the value of one’s home or property, and offer some practical tips on flood preparation and safety. The guide is available here.


• Only a few days left to submit abstract for eceee’s industrial efficiency 2018

Industrial Efficiency 2018 has the theme Leading the Low-Carbon Transition. The event goes beyond the traditional scope relating to industrial energy efficiency to explore current and emerging trends in industry, such as new business models, digitalisation, industry 4.0, the circular economy and resource efficiency.

All presentations by participants are based on an abstract submission for any of the following five panels (for a complete description of the panels and presentation of the panel leaders, see the panels page).

Panel 1. Policies and programmes to drive transformation

Panel 2. Sustainable production towards a circular economy

Panel 3. Energy management: the nuts and bolts

Panel 4. Technology, products and systems

Panel 5. Business models and finance in the age of digitalisation

You have until October 25th to submit an abstract. For more information, go to the eceee website.


• Call for experts to participate in 2nd ICP Technical Forum for Industry

The Investor Confidence Project Europe, funded by the European Commission, is designed to unlock access to financing for the buildings, industry, district energy and street lighting markets by standardising how energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured.

ICP Europe’s objective is to increase the flow of investment into energy efficiency by developing and deploying standardised protocols for developing and documenting energy efficiency projects, thus reducing transaction costs and enabling project aggregation, through the provision of the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREETM) label.

Currently, protocols for industry are being developed and it is important that these protocols are reviewed by experts. The ICP Technical Forum is an advisory group of experts representing a wide range of sectors and expertise that provides high-level feedback on the ICP protocols and supporting tools during the development process.

The next Technical Forum is on October 25th. Whether you have already joined the Technical Forum or this is your first time, your participation is needed. For more information, go to the ICP Europe website.

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