India setting good example renovating state government buildings

Living in Europe, we watch how central governments are meeting their obligation to renovation a certain percentage of its buildings annually. The Times of India writes about an initiative in India to do something similar. It would be good to know of other such initiatives.


1500 state government buildings to be made energy efficient

Nearly 1,500 state government buildings will now be made ‘energy efficient’ to save 128 million units of power across the state.

The Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) on Thursday announced that it will embark on this massive project of installing 23,000 energy efficient air-conditioners, 11 lakh LED lights and 8 lakh ceiling fans in state government buildings — with electricity consumption reducing up to 48% and saving over Rs 130 crore annually to the state exchequer.

“It is a first-of-its-kind venture and the entire project costing Rs 325 crore is funded entirely by EESL. There will be no design change in any building, and we will be retrofitting all existing appliances with energy efficient ones,” EESL chief general manager S P Garnaik told this newspaper.

He stated that the ground work for the project has already begun, with the EESL receiving in-principle consent from the Public Works Department of state government. “We plan to complete the project latest by March 2019,” he stated.

It is learnt that the building sector in the country accounts for approximately 35% of total energy consumption and is growing at a rate of 8% annually, which is alarming, another official said.

EESL will also organise a day long workshop in Mumbai on Saturday on “Energy Efficiency in Buildings”, which will act as a platform for knowledge sharing with stakeholders.The workshop will also have participation from representatives of commercial buildings including hotels, shopping complex, educational institutions, banks, Central and state government buildings, power utility firms among others. Delegates from Thailand and Vietnam are also expected to participate in this workshop.

Interestingly, the EESL also plans to launch a “National Building Dashboard” which will provide information of real time/deemed energy savings after EESL intervention of energy efficiency measures in all buildings across the country.

Said an official: “With rapid urbanization in the country, it is expected that about 40% of the population in 2030 would be urban as against 30% currently. As population expands and incomes grow, there will be exponential increase in the energy use. Energy efficiency is one of the proven and cost effective measures to meet a part of this demand and also address the issue of rapidly increasing emissions.”

EESL has an ambitious plan in this portfolio for next 2-3 years where it intends to bring investment to the tune of INR 1000 crores by 2020 covering more than 10000 large government/private buildings in next couple of years. It is expected that about 10 million LED lights, 1.5 million ceiling fans and 150,000 ACs would be retrofitted by EESL in these buildings.

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