Cyclical environmental record in Denmark

Le Monde reported this week that Copenhagen has recently set a new record: there are officially more bicycles than cars on the roads of the Danish capital.

That is 265,700 cycles compared to 252,600 cars since November 2016. But the city wants to go even further: it has a target for bicycles to account for 50 percent of journeys by 2025, which would reduce CO2 emissions by 10-20,000 tonnes per year and build on the 100,000 tonnes of savings already achieved. The goal is part of the plan to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Some 580,000 citizens of Copenhagen cycle to work or school. The cycling city has attracted so many tourists who want to get in on the culture that the municipality has published an instruction booklet in eight languages to try to minimise any altercations with the locals, who know all the rules from a very young age, Le Monde says.

Copenhagen in in stiff competition with Amsterdam’s as the cycling capital of Europe, and the city has had to hire three full-time officials to deal with international delegations who come to study the phenomenon.

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