Germany’s energy transition shows positive progress in energy efficiency investments

Too often we only read about developments in renewable energy in Germany’s Energiewende. It is good to see this article by Priyanka Shrestha on the Energy Live News website about the growth in investments in energy efficiency in 2016. Are we also seeing this trend in other countries?


German energy efficiency investment up

Germany has seen an increase in demand for domestic energy efficiency measures.

According to Germany Trade & Invest, state development bank KfW recorded a “strong” 2016 in terms of funding for domestic projects.

The environment and energy sector achieved “particularly positive growth” last year, up from €9.3 billion (£8bn) in 2015 to €10.7 billion (£9.2bn), largely due to the energy efficiency programme.

A total of €5.2 billion (£4.5bn) was provided.

Growth was “very strong” in housing projects, with more than €11 billion (£9.4bn) granted for energy efficient construction programmes alone.

The department adds investment in renewable energy programmes exceeded again last year at €4.5 billion (£3.9bn).

Rob Compton, Manager of Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities at Germany Trade & Invest said: “This is a welcome insight into the way a crucial area of the energy transition project is working. Energy efficiency is a core element of the Energiewende.

“The positive investment funding and promotion figures from the KfW show that investors, businesses, communities and homeowners alike see the real added value in making their buildings and processes more energy efficient. In Germany, energy efficiency is not merely an environmental business consideration; it creates a clear competitive advantage that can be reflected on all three bottom lines.”

2 thoughts on “Germany’s energy transition shows positive progress in energy efficiency investments

    • It is impressive and I certainly agree that it would be good to see more published about it. We’ll keep pushing.

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