Pot Pourri

• Congratulations to eceee

This week the eceee hosted an excellent industrial efficiency conference in Berlin last week. With about 250 participants, five panels, plenary sessions, a pre-conference workshop on energy performance indicators, a Steam Up workshop and informal sessions, there were plenty of options for everyone. From the panel discussions, plenaries and workshops EiD attended, we were more than pleased. The level of discussion was excellent and it was good to see everyone so highly motivated. EiD was active in providing Tweets and recommends that you go to Twitter and check out the hashtag #eceee2016. Those tweets will give you a good flavour of the events during the week.

Congratulations to eceee and especially Nils Borg and his team for an excellent conference.



• New report from the Buildings Performance Institute Europe

BPIE has recently published Safeguarding Energy Security in South-East Europe with Investment in Demand-Side Infrastructure

International developments over the past few years have intensified the energy challenges facing Central and Southern European countries. The interruption of Russian gas supply via Ukraine, volatile global oil prices and divergent interests of State actors have renewed Europe’s concerns about its energy dependency.

The report explores the vulnerability of the building sector to gas supply interruptions in specific countries of the region, through the prism of the Building stock Vulnerability Indicator (BVI). The BVI takes into account the size of gas consumption in the building sector, along with the dependence on imported gas and its routes diversity.

The analysis considers an alternative approach to gas supply investments and instead proposes an “efficiency first” solution: reducing gas demand through a dedicated building renovation programme. BPIE puts forward a set of recommendations covering risk assessment and preventive measures, guidance on investment opportunities as well as on developing future EU and MS level strategies.

The report is available here.


• The clock is ticking – Will you shape the energy efficiency policies of tomorrow?

Abstracts are due by October 6th for next year’s eceee summer study to be held May 29th to June 3rd next year.

The Summer Studies are the backbone of eceee’s ambition to deliver comprehensive evidence-based information on all aspects of energy efficiency. The Summer Study offers a mix of quality peer-reviewed paper presentations, informal sessions set up by participants on the spot, inspiring keynotes and just plain round-the-clock networking. All is fuelled by the energy of hundreds of participants who are passionate about energy efficiency and want to learn and share experiences.

Beyond lowering energy intensity, increasing productivity and optimising resource use, what are the critical elements and foundations of a sustainable society that addresses sufficiency and limits? This year’s Summer Study theme – Consumption, efficiency & limits – explores these themes.

There will be nine panels with over 200 peer-reviewed papers, 50 informal sessions, solutions workshops, plenaries and much more.

Information is available on the eceee website.




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