Even a culture centre can promote energy efficiency

Penobscot Bay is one of America’s most well-known summer colonies and has many islands a towns to visit. Most recently a new centre for contemporary art opened. An article on the Penobscot Bay Pilot website describes that one can pursue art and energy efficiency.


Art, Energy Efficiency, and the Economy

We’re abuzz with the news of a new neighbor. The Center for Maine Contemporary Art opened in downtown Rockland this summer – a stone’s throw from the Strand Theater and the Farnsworth Art Museum, and right across the parking lot from Evergreen Home Performance. Restaurants and galleries line the streets, along with cafes and shops that cater to locals and tourists alike.

It’s no surprise that CMCA is joining this vibrant downtown scene, and it’s no surprise that we’re happy to welcome them. In the story of Rockland’s renaissance, art and the economy are intertwined – and the same is true for the story of Evergreen Home Performance.

Evergreen’s founder and President, Richard Burbank, came to Midcoast Maine to pursue art, not energy efficiency. As a photography student at Maine Media Workshops + College he fell in love with the beauty of the coast and the vitality of the community. The spark he first felt as an art student kept Burbank coming back to the Midcoast, even after a stint in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu.

Ten years ago, he became one of the first Building Analysts certified by the Building Performance Institute in Maine and he founded Evergreen Home Performance in downtown Rockland. Today, Evergreen is an energy efficiency audits and contracting company with two offices, a staff of 22, a stack of Efficiency Maine awards, and a record of improving home comfort and cutting home energy costs. Evergreen employs photographers, graphic designers, and writers, as well as its core staff of BPI-certified energy analysts and contractors.

It’s no wonder that everyone is abuzz with news about Rockland. We’re in an incredibly vital neighborhood these days, and we’re thrilled to welcome CMCA!

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