An innovative financing initiative to promote renewable energy

We all welcome new approaches to financing sustainable energy. The Solarcoin website provides a news item on Solarcoin a reward programme, an alternative digital currency that works like air-mile services, that has now been recognised by IRENA.


SolarCoin reward recognized by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)

The SolarCoin reward program has been recognized by IRENA, the (International Renewable Energy Agency) as being a source of financial support for global solar energy projects.

Like the United Nations, World Bank, WTO (World Trade Organization); IRENA is an IGO; an inter-governmental organization made up of 149 member states with 26 member states pending.

SolarCoin is now listed in the IRENA market place of global renewable energy projects and financing tools.

SolarCoin is one of only 10 types of financing relating to solar energy in the market place and the only free reward program available globally.

SolarCoin anticipates a rapid acceleration in participation of the SolarCoin program after with this formal recognition by IRENA as a global reward for solar energy production granted at the rate of §1 SLR per 1 MWh of verified solar energy production globally.

The Irena Marketplace is a joint project between IRENA and IADB (Inter American Development Bank)

SolarCoin encourages solar energy associations within the respective IRENA member states to reach out to the SolarCoin Foundation to learn more about the 40 year free rewards program.

About SolarCoin:

SolarCoin is an alternative digital currency that works like air-miles for Solar electricity generation. SolarCoin is claimed by individuals living in homes with Solar panels on their roof or by the owners of large solar electricity farms. Any source of verified solar electricity production can claim solarcoin at the rate of §1 SLR per 1MWh of solar energy generated.

SolarCoin is traded on multiple online bitcoin exchanges and is convertible into most global currencies.

SolarCoin was founded in 2014 and operates in 21 countries with affiliates in Global Solarchange in Berlin/Tel Aviv and Solcrypto in Tokyo Japan. More information about SolarCoin can be found at


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